Kundalini Activation through meeting Twin Flame

So now that we’ve covered a bit about what to expect for the Spiritual Awakening process – both physical as well as emotional aspects to it, I thought I would describe my personal spiritual awakening process. My process involved Kundalini Activation after meeting my Twin Flame.

What is Kundalini?

I first learned about Kundalini in my early 20’s. It is an energy that is stored at the base of your spine. Once it is activated, it travels up through your chakras with the ultimate result of enlightenment. Everyone’s experience will be unique for them. For some, it can result in spiritual enlightenment – but that is probably more rare. Most of us have blocks in our chakras, so it initiates an internal spiritual awakening process that forces us to work through our issues, with the ultimate goal of reaching enlightenment. For some, the process can be traumatic and cause psychological issues which can result in varying degrees of mental distress.

What activates the Kundalini energy to be released?

I believe that there are a few different ways Kundalini energy is activated. A traumatic car accident can rattle the energy loose, or a near death experience.

It can also arise through spiritual practices such as through meditation and yoga. Many times people undergoing a spiritual awakening, I believe can have a Kundalini activation as they go through the “dark night of the soul.”

For others, it can be activated by someone who is already awakened – through looking through their eyes or through touch – a process called Shaktipat.

For others such as myself – it can be triggered as a result of meeting your Twin Flame – which is another person who shares the same energetic blueprint as you.

The Kundalini experience

The Kundalini experience is different for everyone. For some people it can be dramatic and people can end up in mental hospitals because their bodies/minds are not ready to handle that amount of energy and it can be very distressful all of a sudden having these chakra openings – such as the third eye. It can be very disorienting. People can also have extreme physical movements that are uncontrollable, so it can look like a seizure. I’ve experienced this a few times while going to sleep at night, and it is quite shocking. For me – it’s like I’ve been touched by a cattle prod or something – my whole body will jerk violently and lift off of the bed. That’s only happened a few times. (Thank God! – lol!)

So the Kundalini energy – once it unwinds, it moves up through the chakras, with the ultimate result of being enlightened. However, most people have blocks in their chakras, so what happens is that it triggers an internal process where the blocks are worked through. You kind of can’t help it. So this is what triggers the vivid dreams, the internal processing of emotions – you start to have emotions and you may never know the actual cause. It can open up your 3rd eye, so then all of a sudden you are dealing with all that comes with that.

Who experiences Kundalini activation or awakening?

I believe that it has to do with your soul’s journey and plan before you come to earth. Not everyone will have their Kundalini activated. From my perspective, the spiritual awakening process can occur without the Kundalini energy being activated. Having Kundalini activation is just a more intense spiritual awakening process.

The Initial Activation

So here’s my story. I met a person who I could tell was spiritually ‘awake’. When I first met them – I remember feeling this weird jittery feeling in my heart chakra area – like excitement. Much later, I eventually realized that this was indicative of a ‘soul recognition.’ Where your soul recognizes another soul. I also remember thinking to myself (oddly) that they ‘reminded me of myself when I was younger.’

They had a very strong energy and stood apart from everyone else – at least they did to me. They also had what I would call an ‘old soul eye’ that looked half dark on one side of the eye – the eye itself. It’s kind of hard to describe, because I’d never seen that before. But I noticed when this ‘old soul eye’ was ‘on’ – they would never make eye contact with me. I didn’t see it all the time, only sometimes.

Then one day, the ‘old soul eye’ was ‘on’ and I was trying really hard for them to make eye contact with me. Because I wanted to see what was in that ‘old soul eye.’ Well, telepathically, I heard “I see you wanting to look in my eye, so here…” and then they looked at my eye. I remember looking into this blackness and having this deep experience like I was observing the Universe and that I wanted to crawl into that space (odd I know).

Well, what I didn’t know is that by looking at my eye, he ‘activated’ my Kundalini – because he was my Twin Flame.

Magenta Pixie is the only person that I’ve come across that has the most accurate description of what happened to me. You can find the video called “Soul Recognition” at about minute 9:39…. She accurately describes what happens as ‘matter meets anti-matter.’ And the end result of that what the eye contact initiates.

So I’ll describe what happens next, I started to have these weird sensations, I remember sitting in my bed and feeling like I was physically being magnetically pulled towards him – even though he wasn’t there – it is hard to describe. Sounds odd – I know, but I physically felt my energy going toward him.

And then I started to feel these odd sensations in my sacral chakra area. I have heard it described as ‘champagne bubbles’ and that’s exactly what it felt like. I had these bubbles happen for a few days.

At this time, my sleep also became disrupted. So I remember going to sleep on the couch.
What is so funny is that I felt so weird about what happened next, that I didn’t even write it down in my journal. I was actually embarrassed, because I did not know what just happened.

The Kundalini Activation

So here’s what I remember, I was lying on my back, and I felt this really strong movement near the front of my spine/sacral chakra area, like something moving in there. I thought I was having spiritual sex or something – at the time, I did not understand what was happening. The energy was actually unwinding, or uncoiling – it felt very physical to me.

As it unwound, I felt these 3 – the best way to describe them would be – full body orgasms. And I also felt like my Twin Flame’s head or face was over to the top left side of the ceiling. It felt like he was there, but just his face.

Kundalini Effects – Chakra openings

There were a lot of different things that happened next, so these are not necessarily in the order in which they happened. So I started to hear this static-like sound in my ears, like I was in between radio stations – but I couldn’t quite hear what was being said.
When I would go to sleep at night, I could feel my heart pounding very strongly. This is the heart chakra being activated.

I also began to see (and I still experience this), both with my eyes closed and open, these black and white swirling clouds – that are connected at a point in the middle, and they just go around and around each other. But they get diffuse the further away from the middle where they are connected. The only thing that I can think of what this is, is the yin and yang energy – but I have not come across anyone else that has experienced this. I would usually see it when I would go to sleep at night.

Stay Tuned….

There are so many things that happen as a result of Kundalini activation. In my next article, I’ll continue this discussion and focus on what happened when my third eye opened.

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In love, light and gratitude,
Heather Burket

10 thoughts on “Kundalini Activation through meeting Twin Flame

  1. Concerning what causes Kundalini – usually / normally, it’s part of midlife / Uranus Opposition at around 40 – 42 years of age. Since many people down through history on this planet have been dumbed down to astrology and other occult wisdom they often have zero clue about this Rite of Passage / Initiatory Rite and don’t realize that this sexual energy, both masculine and feminine energy, is to be used for spiritual advancement as it rises up through the 7 main chakras… and so… they become overwhelmed with this intense sexual energy and run out and buy a new sports car they can’t afford and cheat on their spouse. lol Sad but true. 🙂

    In this time of planetary and collective ascension though, many lightworkers are experiencing kundalini early. Why? I think just because they are ready for it. They, in many cases, have awakened spiritually long enough ago (or are ready to get on path) and have progressed down their path far enough that, well, it’s just time and they are playing a very significant role in the ascension project that for 3D-level folks has a bit of time pressure, if you will, as the Earth is not healthy environmentally and so whoever can and does step up and do their own healing / inner work are helping humanity to get on the ascension train. Reminds me of the line “God will only give you as much as you can handle.” But I like to add that God will give you AS MUCH as you can handle. The more progressed you are, the more gets dished out to ya – increased awareness means increased responsibility. *looking up* “God, you shouldn’t have, no really!” 😉

    You say:
    “I also began to see (and I still experience this), both with my eyes closed and open, these black and white swirling clouds – that are connected at a point in the middle, and they just go around and around each other…. The only thing that I can think of what this is, is the yin and yang energy – but I have not come across anyone else that has experienced this.”

    Often kundalini energy is represented esoterically by two serpents, one masculine energy, one feminine energy and as the energy moves up from your base chakra through and around your other chakras, they criss-cross back and forth and change sides, if you will, at each chakra, looking like a DNA double helix kinda thing.

    I’m 55 and went through Kundalini at Uranus Opposition at the usual time around 40-ish after being awake spiritually for, oh, about a decade and having worked through many blockages already. So, it was fairly uneventful, mostly because I was well on my path and also knew what kundalini was about. Ah, if only everyone else could be given this midlife heads up, ya know, like tribal people used to make a big stinking deal about such rites of passage and have it explained and celebrate it… ya know instead of the sports car / cheating routine.

    You said this:
    “For me – it’s like I’ve been touched by a cattle prod or something – my whole body will jerk violently and lift off of the bed. That’s only happened a few times.”

    Now, THAT describes what I went through doing Energetic Service Work for Gaia and humanity after my own ascension process was complete – total nervous system over-frickin’-load. Yow! Note, I said AFTER my own ascension process completion, so not about frying blockages out, well, not out of us personally anyway. Folks have no idea just how intense Energetic Service Work was for us REAL forerunners. Off the charts nuts. Btw, pumpkin seeds are supportive of the nervous system, including repairing nerve damage.

    Re: Twin flame… when I first came across my tf in this lifetime the energy between us was off the charts. Standing or sitting next to them made me wanna crawl out of my skin. I came to realize we had past-life karma to heal and many years later, when all that healing was done, I ran into my tf again and that off-the-charts energy between us was no longer there. See here for more:

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    1. thank you so much for your comments! I haven’t only met one other person to experience kundalini before so it’s nice to talk to someone who understands more about it than I do. I actually read a book about it in my early 20’s and tried to ‘raise it’ but then got scared because of some of the adverse effects it could cause if your system wasn’t ready. But when it actually did happen – I was very confused – lol!

      That’s interesting about the planetary positions and how that ties into Kundalini – I have not heard of that before. I’m going to have to chew on that one. I would always say ‘that spiritual awakening looks like a midlife crisis, but it’s different.’ now you are making me rethink my previous thought….:)

      thank you for the feedback on the white and black swirls – good to know I was at least getting clued in to the masculine/feminine aspects. Sounds like you have been on this journey for quite awhile. Thank you for your Service to Gaia and humanity!! I have been on the path in earnest for the past 5 years, but have always sought answers. Funny you mentioned pumpkin seeds – I actually have 2 containers in my fridge – I must intuitively know what I need!

      I’m looking forward to checking out your story – thanks so much for sending the link and for the positive feedback!

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      1. I should probably clarify that my midlife was not so “uneventful” outwardly and the inward events were certainly there, but seemingly not to the degree which happens with some folks since they seem to kinda get stuck in kundalini energies for many years (at least from what I’ve observed online). Many people left my life at midlife and they needed to, including a sports team of a decade and a partner of about 8 – 9 years. I very literally had no one in my life for a while… and yet all those left behind needed to get out. But yeah, I had some heads up on it all, including the astrological energies involved and moved through it fairly well, regardless of outer circumstances. At that point in time I learned well that “If you need it, it will be there. If it’s not there, you must not need it.” Even though no one of much permanency was in my life for a while (oh hell, not since really) I always have what I need and if that involves people in some way, they show up when needed then off they go when they no longer have a place in my life. In this way also, it’s easy to recognize “God sends”. I’ve had people literally stumble into my life, yes, stumble as in some cases they were drunk. lol But I knew God sent them and it proved to be just that – a God send. We are always taken care of… if we allow for it.

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      2. Agree – the changing relationships seem to be par for the course. Sometimes quite abruptly I’ve found. I think I’ve come to a better understanding of it the past couple of years, but was a process – just like all of the other aspects of it. I try to help people understand what is going on when they don’t seem to have a grasp on what is happening internally or externally.

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