Spiritual Awakening – Part 3 – Emotional

Spiritual Awakening – Part 3


A large part of spiritual awakening includes addressing our inner selves. In order to ascend/evolve and grow spiritually we have to address our traumas and those unhealed parts of ourselves. This process can not be bypassed and it will be different for everyone. I would highly recommend seeing a qualified therapist to learn and understand more about the family lineage in which you were born. It will help you to understand your family dynamics and the filters from which you view things. Although it can be difficult – you are actually so courageous and brave and have the capability to not only affect generations below you, but to assist your current family members and to develop and grow those relationships.

We are not born with emotional understanding or awareness. You need an outside person to be able to see you objectively. You can read all of the books you want, but most times we are not able to see our own areas that are unhealed. There is no reason to suffer or to try and figure it out on your own. Let others help you. The end result is worth it. Below is a list of some of the things you may experience:

1.    Bouts of sadness/crying:

 In order for us to evolve spiritually, we must purge our lower vibrational emotions. There will be periods during this process where you will find yourself crying for no reason. This can be from your own emotions, your family lineage or the collective consciousness.

 You may never know exactly what ‘caused’ the crying. Just go with the flow here and let the tears flow. It is a purging, a release of those emotions.

You may also find yourself being moved to tears easily. I remember seeing a picture of a pink crystal and just crying at it’s beauty. A lot of these experiences are also a heart chakra awakening as well as becoming more aware and appreciative of the absolute beauty and wonder of life – which is a good thing! 

2.    Anxiety:

Anxiety is already a prevalent emotion in my observation. This process can increase one’s anxiety and is one emotion that I have definitely had to manage. These incoming energies can be intense.

I have had entire months where I felt on edge and had a hard time being in public. 

Part of this, for me, also has to deal with being an empath and being sensitive to energy in general.

The energies can make you feel ungrounded – which can lead you to ultimately feeling anxious.

I think that these energies also amplify whatever you already have. So if you suffer from anxiety already, these energies may exacerbate them.

I’ve had to refrain from being around other people. Some suggestions to assist: reduce caffeine intake, ground – using tourmaline, shungite crystals, walk barefoot on the ground, take Epsom salt baths and in general – practice self-care.

3.    Loneliness

This is one of the main reasons I started this blog because this process has the effect of possibly turning one’s life upside down. And people may find themselves not only understanding what is going on, but also have tremendous emotional upheaval and begin to feel completely isolated. This loneliness can be devastating. One of the most helpful things I found was finding other like-minded individuals, kindred spirits, or soul tribe. 

So I highly recommend seeking others so that you can share your experiences to seek support to help you find resources and ultimately to connect as spirits along the journey. Here are a few suggestions: 

·         Put it out to the Universe – Affirm “I meet and connect easily with other like-minded individuals” or “I have found my tribe” or any other phrase that resonates with you.

·         Pray for meeting like-minded others

·         Look at local  meet-up groups

·         Research seminars, retreats or events

·         Visit healing places and ask for recommendations (ex: yoga studios, acupuncturists, reiki or other healers, crystal shops, metaphysical shops)

·         Throw a weird topic out to a co-worker or friend “Do you ever watch Ancient Aliens?” “Have you ever seen a UFO?” 

4.    Dark Night of the Soul

 I will address this in more detail in another article because this is such a large topic, but want to address it briefly here. Many people going through this process will experience a ‘dark night of the soul’. You may find yourself in extreme emotional distress at some point. As recommended earlier – I will always recommend seeing a qualified therapist. 

This emotional distress is caused by the ego breaking down. It can also be caused by mental constructs (Belief Systems) that are have been broken down which cause a break in the psyche. I don’t think people appreciate how much their sense of self is bound by foundational belief systems. Once people become aware of the lies, the control systems that have been put upon them “who” they have though they were – when these are all destroyed – they can cause extreme emotional distress. For me – it was the most awful experience I’ve ever had.

 5.    Dreams 

You may begin to experience vivid dreams. The energy begins to work through your subconscious through dreams. You may find that your dreams become more “real.” You may start to notice animal symbolism – fish, snakes, alligators, lions, tigers, etc. It would be a good idea to start a dream journal. Write down your dream as soon as you wake up. It’s a good idea to keep it on your nightstand. Start to analyze your dream. A great resource is dreamhawk.com to help you with dream symbolism and interpretation.

 Your dreams assist with bringing up emotions and traumas that have been buried deep within. Once you start to understand their meaning – it can help you process those emotions that have been previously ignored. It is amazing to me to go and read old dream journals and to see what I was processing and how far I’ve come. Your dreams can also be precognitive. You may realize even years later, that your dreams were telling you of future events. 

6.    Sensitivity to Energy

Another aspect to spiritual awakening is becoming more sensitive to energy. I’ll admit – this one has caught me off guard on more than one occasion. As the awakening process occurs you become more self-aware and more aware of other people. What you may have previously accepted from other people may no longer be tolerable. As you raise your vibration, you become more in alignment with your true self. You may become irritated by people who:

·         Interrupt you

·         Gossip

·         Complain

·         Judge

·         Monopolize the conversation

You also just may realize that you have nothing in common, or you end up feeling drained or otherwise bored of the conversation.

This can lead to abrupt endings of relationships as your energy often “refuses” to be around other people’s energy. The key here is to try and be respectful while maintaining your own boundaries and changing self.

7.    Questioning everything

As the process unfolds, all areas of your life come up for review – your career, relationships, and belief systems. Since you’ve been under the ‘veil of amnesia’ this new ‘you’ is just beginning to be birthed. What resonates with this new ‘you’? You may find that your career has gone from tolerable to realizing that you want to do something more in alignment with your soul.

All relationships – spouse/significant other, friends, family, co-workers, all come under scrutiny as well. You may long to spend time with others who are of like mind. And you go through the process, those that no longer resonate will naturally fall away and those that do – will fill the void they’ve left. Be patient in the relationship rebuilding area – as this can take time.

Although these experiences can be difficult – the main thing to realize is that you are not alone. Journaling was immensely helpful for me. Walks in nature and exercise in general is also good.

The key is to take care of your self during this time and allow these emotions to be processed.

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