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Have you found your soul tribe yet?

Once you start to awaken spiritually – you will start to change on a lot of levels. One of the most profound changes for me was that I just felt ‘different’ internally. On the outside, I looked the same, and I can see how no one would know or not understand how I had changed, but I knew I had.

Part of this process comes with this longing to connect with others that are going through what you are going through. You start to feel isolated, alone and unable to relate to your partner, friends, family and co-workers. It can cause a real sense of distress.

Some people may even call this a “lonely path.” But it doesn’t have to be!

I believe as Starseeds, we agreed to come to Earth to assist during the Ascension. Part of that agreement involved having pre-planned “Blueprints” to meet up with our fellow Starseeds, and specifically our “Soul Tribe.”

My Kundalini activation happened in Nov. 2014. I discuss that in these articles



During that period of great searching, I came across a website called In5D.com

I was so excited and thrilled to finally come across some information on topics that I was interested in. I devoured the articles and searched the database for anything I could read.

One day, I came across an article on “High Vibe” food. The article totally made sense and one of the things that stood out to me the most that I loved, was this communication that everyone’s needs are different. The author was not trying to shove her beliefs onto everyone.

I immediately looked up the author – Bridgett Nielson and found that she had a retreat in the next 2 months in Sedona, Arizona! It was preparing high vibe food, meditation and visiting a few sites. I thought that sounded perfect! I was excited about it – but at the same time scared!

What happened next is to me what I find so intriguing. And on this journey, you will find things such as this, and others that are both intriguing and mysterious.

As I was sitting at the computer pondering if I should sign up for this retreat or not, I literally felt as if my arm was being guided (pushed really) to sign up for the class. I believe that this was one of my Spirit Guides encouraging me to attend.

The next day, I woke up in shock. Did I really sign up for that class? What was I thinking? I was absolutely terrified!

I am an introvert and I absolutely HATE group pow wows – it is so not me!

After a while, I got over it and actually made the trip a few months later.

It was interesting because I think the group of us at the retreat all knew something was up. It felt different. I think we all knew it was special – but I personally didn’t know exactly why. Later I realized it was because I had met my Soul Tribe – people that were going to be instrumental to me on this journey and that we had known each other before. I believe that Bridgett brings soul families together through her retreats.

Being alone on this journey beforehand and now meeting up with all of these people on their own unique journey and all of them having very high energy – it was exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Several of the people at this retreat had met during other retreats. I was ‘new’ to the group, as well as a few others.

During the retreat we learned a lot, connected, shared out experiences, books and all sorts of helpful information.

But one of the most profound experiences for me – was the triggering of memories!

After this retreat, I had many, many dreams, several of which I have no idea where or when these ‘past life’ experiences happened or the meaning, but meeting everyone activated these memories.

I remember meeting one couple, who I instantly adored, and later having a dream together with them where it was clearly Atlantis!

One of the benefits of meeting our Soul Tribe, is to receive activations from being in each other’s presence.

After the retreat was over, we stayed connected through Facebook.

The following year, a couple of the ladies from this retreat planned a trip to swim with the dolphins in Bimini (Atlantis).

If you are interested, you can watch my video on that experience here:

Again, this put me out of my comfort zone, as I am terrified of the ocean, but I thought this must be something that I’m supposed to go to, so I agreed to attend.

Again – this trip was probably the most ‘activating’ I have experienced. And I think part of these activations happen because other activations have happened previously – both by being in high vibe locations as well as meeting other people.

The following year, one of the guys in our group had read about how important it was to travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas – because of the vast expanse of crystals underneath the Hot Springs area had been activated. So, a group of us traveled there to meet up, connect, and dig for quartz crystals!

What was interesting about this trip, was the very first night I was there I had this really weird ‘explosion’ type of experience – like over my head. It’s hard to explain. I felt like I definitely had some sort of activation while being there.

If you’ve ever had a Kundalini activation, sometimes there is this blinding white light and an associated ‘explosion’ type of experience that I believe is your 3rd eye activating. This experience was very similar to that.

And just last year, 2019, several of us traveled together for the most amazing experience in Peru and Bolivia for 2 weeks visiting all of the sacred sites including Machu Picchu, Puma Punka and Tiahuanaco as a few examples.

And when we are not traveling, we stay connected through WhatsApp (texting app) sharing our experiences, getting feedback and support from each other during the year.

On this journey, I think that there are a few different scenarios that we can experience as it relates to connecting with others on our spiritual journey. We might have friends and family that listen to us – but don’t really understand, because they aren’t at the same place. That kind of interaction is okay, but it can still feel very isolating. When you find your Soul Tribe, you finally feel like you can breathe a sense of relief. These are people who are going through what you are going through. You feel connected, you don’t feel so alone and isolated. This is the goal. We want to be able to connect on a deep level. The journey is ultimately about remembering our own Divinity. This process is not easy and requires a lot of inner work. These people will walk through the mud with you. You can open up, share your vulnerabilities, cry, laugh and learn together. It’s such a blessing to have. I truly wish each and everyone reading this that you find your Soul Tribe – because it’s been a lifesaver for me.

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In love, light and gratitude,


3 thoughts on “Soul Tribe

  1. Uh, you’re tugging at my heartstrings.

    Just by being me and being into the “Trust and Flow”, I met many light workers along the way, over many years, but I kept outgrowing them. I intentionally, proactively searched for “peers” then, to no avail, still meeting some good folks but they weren’t where I was.

    But when I got far enough down the path, my peers were few and far between and by the time I found any of them online we were well into some heavy duty energy work for the planet and human collective. Yep, in the last decade I’ve been so isolated (and exhausted) it’s not even funny and so not me.

    I look forward to ascending soon and returning to further assist humanity, who I got my ass kicked for and to enjoy both planets – Gaia and Earth. I’ve been missing them all. I sincerely doubt that many others will be going through what we forerunners did as there are many lightworkers who are now up to speed and it’s time for them all to reach out to humanity.

    A few years back I told a reader of my blog to be the truest version of their True Self that they could muster in any given moment. In that they would not only enlighten others but also find those of like mind and heart. Months later they reported back that they had indeed found fellow lightworkers by being courageous enough to shine their light.

    This year is gonna be WAY fun. The light is gonna rock!

    1. I totally get it! We are all on different paths and I’m just now realizing more and more how isolated people are feeling. I’m doing what I can to share what I know. I think I was very lucky to find some peeps, and they have done a great job keeping in touch – not my forte at all.

      I haven’t met local people so that is what I’m putting out to the Universe this year!! I agree – I think this year is going to be awesome! I love the advice you gave one of your readers – that’s very inspiring and great words I’ll try and follow myself! Happy 2020!!

      1. Here is a specific example of how to BE the light, how to be what I like to call a “Spiritual Minuteman” or a “Spiritual Opportunist”, seizing any and every opportunity to enlighten and empower others:

        Obviously there is someone in this area that looks like me. (and here, I thought after me they threw away the mold 😉 )

        So… last year, I was walking down the street, came around the corner by and someone was seemingly taken aback by seeing me. I look at them and they say, “I just saw you at Burger King.” Nope, not me. I didn’t even know there was a Burger King in this area. And that’s certainly not something I would indulge in – I can’t remember the last time I ate fast food.

        Today I saw someone who works at a supermarket, who I have chatted with before. He said he saw me at mass. I’m like, “What? At mass? You mean like Catholic mass?” He said exactly that. Nope, not me. He said someone who looked a lot like me was there. I told him I was raised Catholic, but am not Catholic. I said I was spiritual but not into religion.

        That gave me a chance to educate him on a few things:

        the Hebrew word for religion means “regulate”
        Oc-cult means the culture of light
        Pagan means “country folks / villagers”, those in touch with their planet
        many people run the disempowering program called “religion = God’

        esoteric, in the way he used it once when talking to a friend of mine and me before is a corrupted meaning of the word – “eso” means inner / inward and has to do with our Inner Work – both Divine Connection but also clearing out what is not truly us, like fears, disempowerment, ego issues, etc.

        I told him I very much appreciated people’s desire to connect to God, but religion is not the way. Religion was meant to keep you from God, not connect you to God.

        Life and the Divine created the opening for me and I seized it by being a Spiritual Minuteman / Opportunist.

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