Transition to Crystal Aura

I thought I’d share a little information about what I have learned about myself from doing psychic readings.

Auras are our energetic signature. Some people can see them. I probably could if I tried, but I honestly don’t spend too much time practicing this. From what I understand, there are various different colors and those colors have different meanings (and these can vary from one person to another). So, you may come across different information from different people depending on how they interpret the colors.

The person that I resonate with the most regarding reading auras is Pamela Aaralyn. In fact, her website used to be called aura reader.

If you have been in the spiritual community, you have probably heard of the term “Indigos” and “Crystals.” And recently, the term “Rainbow” has come up regarding groups of souls that have certain colors and associated traits.

When I heard of the term Indigos – that always seemed to me to mean these were the system busters, the people who didn’t agree or align with the status-quo. I regarded them as leaders, who were more aware of the BS in which our typical lives unfold. I think they question our typical lifestyle of trying to acquire a bunch of crap and work for years at unfulfilling jobs. And I believe a lot of these people were waiting for the systems to fall, and it hasn’t yet, so they are rebelling and not necessarily going after the typical jobs and/or they choose their own path – one that is more in alignment with their soul. Maybe they decide to work some, then travel. They may also believe in having a simpler lifestyle – not just settling down into a large house that they are tied to for 30 years.

And then there are the Crystals. These are the sensitive souls. They are the ones that are here to help heal. In fact, Crystals are the most powerful healing type of souls because they can absorb and transmute other people’s energy. This may be controversial, and my intention is never to offend anyone, but I believe that a lot of the individuals that have been classified as ‘autistic’ are actually some of these highly evolved souls known as Crystals. I believe that they come into this world and this world is so different, so low energy as 3D and it’s almost like a shock to their system on a lot of different levels. From sounds, noises, chemicals, as well as the violence that exists on our planet.

Back in 2016, when I did one of my first readings, Magenta Pixie told me I was born an Indigo and was transitioning to Crystal. At the time, I really didn’t know what that meant. I had heard of these terms, but I didn’t understand the whole concept of transitioning.

Later, I did a reading with Pamela Aaralyn and she told me the same thing, except she said I was an “Aquamarine” aura transitioning to Crystal. She also said that I would either stay 50/50 or I would completely transition to Crystal. She also referred me to an article that she had written called “The Great Spiritual Awakening.” I actually didn’t read that article until sometime later – but once I did, it made so much sense!


According to Pamela, there was this overall plan for the Indigos to come in, blaze these new paths, and then the Crystals would come in, and help heal.

However, when the Crystals incarnated, a lot of them were not surviving to carry out the collective mission. So, the plan changed, for a lot of the Indigos, Aquamarines and others to transition to Crystal auras in order to keep the overall plan going.

What it feels like

Okay, so now I thought I’d talk a little bit about my own personal experience of what this has meant to me. I know I have always been someone who has been sensitive emotionally, but I’ve always been able to hide my emotions on the outside. I always kind of defined myself as a Scorpio with a poker face. I knew I was more sensitive on the inside – I just wouldn’t let people see that side of me. I would contain my emotions until I was in the comfort of my own environment.

However, I noticed in the last few years, I became VERY sensitive. In fact, I distinctly remember looking at a picture of a pink crystal on Pinterest and tears just started streaming down my face thinking that it was so beautiful. I think that was the first sign that I was like – okay, something weird is going on here. And as the months progressed, I started to get even more sensitive to stories – both good and bad. If it was a sad story, I would almost be traumatized and had some very tough times. Once I started to become more aware of this, I really, really backed off social media and my exposure to sad stories.

I would also get emotional to touching stories as well. The ones where the soldier reunites with their kids, the dog showing sadness when its owner died – I literally am getting choked up and crying right now as I even just THINK about this last scenario.

So, it doesn’t matter if it’s Pinterest, LinkedIN, Facebook – you name it, it has become a landmine for me emotionally. I have culled out friends that post sad stories, unfollowed everyone that posts anything remotely sad – even GOOD friends – I’m not kidding. I just can’t take it.

I’ve had coworkers start to tell me a sad story and I’ll start crying FOR THEM. It’s not even my situation, but I put myself in their shoes and just feel horrible. Now, I know this is an issue with boundaries – and I am working on that.


The emotional aspect has been the toughest. But the other aspects are becoming more sensitive to everything in general. I have noticed that I go through phases of my body becoming sensitive to chemicals. Here are a few examples – I have tasted preservatives in a popular low-calorie alcoholic beverage (I won’t name names here). All I could taste was the chemical.

I used to drink coffee with flavored creamer – it began to taste like chemicals to me, so I stopped using them.

When I eat eggs, I only eat organic, I’ve eaten eggs at someone else’s home, and they didn’t use organic eggs and the eggs tasted horrible – I couldn’t eat them. Sometimes cheese (like normal shredded cheese) tastes like plastic to me. Sometimes the smell of meat smells like a dead animal to me and makes me want to gag.

So, your body becomes more sensitive to chemicals and preservatives. Recently I ate a meat kielbasa that was made with gluten. I did not realize I was sensitive to gluten and had a very bad reaction that had me out for a least a day. At one point, I was doubled over with stomach pain.

If this is happening to you – you will need to listen to your body, your body will start telling you what is and isn’t okay to eat.

Sensitive to Crowds/People and Certain People

I have periods where I cannot be in crowds at all, like I might have an anxiety attack. And in general, I avoid crowds by going early in the morning or shopping online if I must be around people. My backyard has become my personal sanctuary where I recharge.

At some points I have felt like my energy almost rejects other people sometimes – like I don’t even have control over it. It is like my tolerance for other peoples BS is at its limit and I just can’t do it. To me, if they aren’t in alignment with my own energy – them my energy won’t have anything to do with theirs.

I’ve also felt the need to be alone – a lot!


Another thing that I’ve noticed is that certain fabrics get on my nerves. If fabric feels slimy or itchy – like it has some sort of synthetic fibers – then it gets on my nerves. I’ve heard a lot of people end up having to wear only organic cotton. It really depends on the persons level of sensitivity. I find myself only wanting to wear super comfortable clothes – not anything uncomfortable or anything irritating to me – it can even be the style of clothes – such as long flowy sleeves.


I have noticed that my dining room lights seem to flicker after I’ve had energy treatments and my energy is higher than normal. I usually just put out a few grounding crystals such as black tourmaline and hematite to even out everything. Recently, my car battery went out – I’m on my 3rd one and my car is only 4 years old, so I’m really wondering if I’m draining the energy out of it? I don’t know.

The spiritual awakening process overall to me is about becoming more self-aware. The more that we wake up and become in tune and in alignment with our true nature, then our surroundings and our experiences inevitably change. The key is to take note and follow your own intuition and guidance. There you will find your own sense of peace.

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In love, light and gratitude,


3 thoughts on “Transition to Crystal Aura

  1. Another great article. You make me smile. I saw that you said you just “woke up” in 2014. I’ve found that many who have awakened since about 2010 are cruising right along. THANK GOD, cuz there were too many “seasoned” lightworkers who did not move along in a timely fashion, like they put it off until retirement or something. lol *shaking head* Folks like yourself have and will continue to make a big difference, in a good way, in this collective ascension project.

    I guess I am too old to be even “Indigo”, but had come to find I was an “Indigo Adult”, but may have very well moved through all of it, since I’ve been what I call “ascension-ready” for 9 years and then did way too much energy work for the planet and collective. I know I’m connected in no small way up through all Ds and into the Divine level.

    I know that vaccines have caused much of the autism in that “Crystalline” age group. Whether they are more sensitive than others or not, they got a lot thrown at them. The cabal is doing everything they can to stop this ascension.

    I also feel that the Millennials were supposed to help usher in Unity Consciousness, but that got hijacked through the education system. The Millennials could have stood to Unify Vertically – with all parts of self first – before unifying horizontally with others, but they were brainwashed to be codependent on each other instead of truly tapping into Unity Consciousness. A bit hamstrung.

    And lighting… it’s all messed up fluorescents now, which is just flat not healthy. I can’t believe incandescent bulbs have like been “outlawed”, if you will. Fluorescent lights flicker and mess with ya. “The theys” (cabal) know this. Grr. Not to mention all the mercury probably being dumped into landfills as most people probably just throw their fluorescent bulbs in the trash.

    I got very energetically sensitive over time also, just part of the process. I never was much of one to “put up protection” since I like to know what was going on in around me… until the “ascension hell” years started for me in 2010. I was forced to move in with a friend in an apartment then and could feel everyone’s energy around me and couldn’t tell what was part of my own intense ascension process (after many years of “general healing”, which I feel are two different things, I had a few year break between the two, waiting for others to catch up, so there was a definite line between the two) and what was everyone else’s fears. I had to put up protection for the first time in my life. It’s been interesting since, like I can sense people’s energy but kinda have to be interacting with them, not just like within their aura field which can easily be about 20 feet for many people, even the not so spiritually advanced (ya know, like I was living in an apartment building, easily feeling people’s energy from 5 to 15 other apartments at that distance).

    And food sensitivities I feel have as much to do with just cleaning up one’s diet to a certain level and then instead of detecting the new, good stuff, you sense the old, bad so-called “food”.

    In 2011, as part of transmuting millennia of nasty energy out of the planet so Gaia could “disconnect” from 3D, I was literally guided to watch an awful lot of movies that dealt with man’s inhumanity to man. Ugh. Major amounts of crying. I haven’t even really been able to cry a whole lot since then. I also though would lmao at comedic things. In both cases, I’d have to pause and just cry or laugh and get it all out… ‘cuz I didn’t wanna miss the rest. lol Crazy stuff. But yeah, not at any time… don’t ever ask me to watch those animal abuse ads with Sarah McLachlan… boo hoo. 🙁 lol

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve been back to my computer. This site is not all that easy to navigate and I prefer to respond here rather than on my phone – can’t type that great – lol! I agree – there’s the vaccine issue – which I try to stay away from – so sad and scary. I have a degree in microbiology and once I took a course on immunology – I said ‘no’ to any unnecessary shots going forward, so no flu shots for me! But it’s such a scary time – I understand that concern totally.

      Also agree – the millennials – lol! that’s a whole blog post on it’s own – they are a unique group and run the gamut. It’s quite interesting to talk to them – they are all over the place from very woke – to think they are woke, when they haven’t done their shadow work and all about yoga and want to eschew real life responsibility altogether. Ahh youth – lol!

      I agree – energetic sensitivity and becoming aware is part of the process. It’s quite a learning experience! I plan to go into some detailed stories at some point about what I’ve experienced. Seems like we both ‘learn by fire’ lol!

      In truth, I think I experienced existential crises in my 20s, then just went into 3D life because I couldn’t figure anything out so I gave up. Then it was a band-aid being ripped off type of experience starting in 2014.

      I applaud you for being able to watch those videos in the past – I just wouldn’t be able to – but I understand reaching a point where you just can’t take it in anymore. I do that with news story headlines – I just don’t ‘read it’ and let it pass through as one method. But I did cry for a little bee that I found that looked like he was dying yesterday. It’s a process……

      1. I completely got away from “watching 3D Earth current events” almost completely for many, many years. By then I’d caught on to the mundane-level, cabal-controlled plot of the story, so I chose not to obsess on it – that’s all it would have been at that point – and dedicated more to healing and spiritual things. Ever onward and upward. But, if the Divine wanted me to know about some mundane-level thing, it was shown to me, with little to no effort on my part. I feel the Divine was letting me know that It wouldn’t let me miss anything I was to know. And I “knew them by their fruits” by that point anyway so their shenanigans were easy for me to pick up on.

        I have been back to watching 3D now since about mid 2016, since I was released from “creating a new space” duty to do so… because those folks will be my “next stop”, if you will… after my ascension and return! No way it’s happening much before then, I’m too pooped. And… Life and the Divine prepare them for the likes of me and also for one huge herd of light workers who will remain in 3D, but will be “coming out of the closet”.

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